fishtank 测试 linux,Fishtank fitts:a desktop VR testbed for evaluating 3D pointing techniques

(28) 2024-05-17 10:01:01


We present a desktop or "fish tank" virtual reality system for evaluating 3D selection techniques. Motivated by the successful application of Fitts' law to 2D pointing evaluation, the system provides a testbed for consistent evaluation of 3D point-selection techniques. The primary design consideration of the system was to enable direct and fair comparison between 2D and 3D pointing techniques. To this end, the system presents a 3D version of the ISO 9241-9 pointing task. Targets can be displayed stereoscopically, with head-coupled viewing, and at varying depths. The system also supports various input devices, including the mouse as well as 3D trackers in direct touch and remote pointing modes.