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如何将Rant变成生产力电动工具 (https://mushiming.com/)  第1张

Ranting doesn’t have to be a waste of breathe and time. You can turn a rant into a powerful tool for productivity. Learn how to transform your sense of victim hood and irritability to self-empowerment and mental clarity.

狂欢不必浪费呼吸和时间。 您可以将rant变成提高生产力的强大工具。 了解如何将受害者的头绪和烦躁感转变为自我赋权和头脑清晰。

By decoding the emotional mess behind a rant, you can find out what changes need to be made in your life to save yourself heartache and time. But you have to brew in the icky feelings first before you can understand what caused them — and then do something productive about it.

通过解码a绕的情绪混乱,您可以找出生活中需要进行哪些更改以节省自己的心痛和时间。 但是,您必须先制造出令人讨厌的感觉,然后才能理解是什么原因造成的,然后再进行一些有成效的工作。

The rewards of a heartfelt rant don’t come easy. You have to put in the work, sweat, and maybe tears and refine your art of rant. You have to be willing to lose control before you can create order from emotional chaos.

发自内心的怒吼的回报并不容易。 您必须投入工作,大汗淋漓,甚至流泪,并完善自己的rant谐艺术。 您必须先失去控制权,然后才能从情绪混乱中创造秩序。

Here are seven crucial steps for turning a rant into a productivity power tool:


1.允许自己进入Rant (1. Give Yourself Permission to Rant)

Society has a hard time stomaching anger. The slightest drop in the bloodstream is sign that you’re savage. But anger is merely a signal that was biologically hardwired over centuries of evolution. It’s there to alert you of danger — things in your environment (or even from yourself) that prevent you from successfully attaining your goals in life. Now that threat may be real or perceived, but that’s beside the point. When your body goes into alert mode — it’s your job to pay attention and do something about it.

社会很难忍受愤怒。 血液中的丝毫下降是您野蛮的迹象。 但是愤怒只是一个信号,在过去的几个世纪的进化中一直是生物学联系的。 它可以提醒您危险–环境中(甚至来自您自己)的事情会阻止您成功实现人生目标。 现在,这种威胁可能是真实的,也可能是可以感知的,但这已不重要了。 当您的身体进入警报模式时,您需要注意并采取一些措施。

To give yourself permission to rant, you have to see anger for what it really is: a signal of threat. Once you realize that anger is just a signal you need to pay attention to, you don’t have to feel guilty, dangerous, or immature for getting the urge to rant.

为了让自己获得批准,您必须看到愤怒的真正含义:威胁的信号。 一旦意识到愤怒只是您需要注意的信号,您就不必为感到愤怒而感到内,危险或不成熟。

Ranting gives a voice to upset, irritation, frustration, and anger. Ranting helps you connect with that signal of threat. Give yourself permission to rant all out, until you know what that signal is.

乱叫使人心烦意乱,恼怒,沮丧和愤怒。 狂暴帮助您与威胁信号联系起来。 授予自己大声疾呼的权限,直到您知道该信号是什么。

You can say to yourself, “Man, I’m really fired up right now. I’m going to take this time to get this rant out of my system. Because it’s important that I pay attention to what’s going on, so I can make sure I’m not ignoring something dangerous to my health, productivity, or success.”

您可以对自己说:“伙计,我现在真的很生气。 我将花点时间从系统中剔除这个咆哮。 因为我要注意发生的事情很重要,所以我可以确保我不会忽略对自己的健康,生产力或成功有害的事情。”

2.选择时间和地点 (2. Pick a Time and Place)

Once you give yourself permission to rant, you need to figure out when, where, and how you’re going to do it.


When: The best time to rant is as soon as you start to feel upset about the trigger. When circumstances don’t allow, you can reschedule to later. Later is fine, but too late can give you time to cool off and think about things from different perspective. Which makes it harder to get in touch with your original feelings.

时间:最佳的咆哮时间是您一旦对扳机感到沮丧。 如果情况不允许,您可以重新安排到以后。 以后可以,但是为时已晚,可以给您一些时间冷静下来,从不同的角度思考问题。 这使得与您的原始感受保持联系变得更加困难。

It’s not a good idea to go to sleep before a rant, because that will calm your nervous system and make everything appear to be okay for a while. Appearances deceive; if everything was A-OKAY then you wouldn’t have had the urge to rant in the first place.

在大声叫to之前入睡不是一个好主意,因为那样会使您的神经系统平静下来,并使一切看起来好一会儿。 外观欺骗; 如果一切都很好,那么您一开始就不会有怒吼的冲动。

It’s also not a good idea to eat a big meal before a rant, because digestion zaps your energy and ability to get all riled up. Avoid mood-altering substances period, as they’re neither helpful nor healthy.

在大声喧before之前吃一顿大餐也不是一个好主意,因为消化会削弱您的精力和能力,使他们被彻底消化。 避免改变情绪的物质,因为它们既无益又无益。

Where: Ranting needs to be done in a place where you feel comfortable enough to be completely honest about how irked you feel. Your rant needs to be in raw form for you to shape anything meaningful from it. If it’s fake, it’s just a waste of time. If it’s forced, it’s not useful. If you’re trying to be logical, coherent, presentable, or politically correct — you’ll cut your rant short with sugar-coating and unnecessary defensiveness.

哪里:放牧需要在一个您感到足够舒服以完全诚实地感到自己不舒服的地方进行。 您的蚂蚁必须是原始形式,才能从中获得任何有意义的信息。 如果是假的,那只是浪费时间。 如果是强制的,则没有用。 如果您试图变得逻辑性,连贯性,表象或在政治上正确无误,那么您会因糖衣和不必要的防御而感到厌烦。

Ranting is all about you and your completely biased viewpoint — so only rant in a space where it can be all about you. That usually means in private.

乱伦与您和您完全偏见的观点有关-因此,只有在可能与您有关的空间中散布骚动。 这通常意味着私下里。

In Good Company or in Private? It’s okay to rant in the presence of a good friend or someone else you trust — but only if they can respect your rant and not to interrupt or influence what you really have to say.

在好公司还是私人? 可以在有好朋友或您信任的其他人在场的情况下大声疾呼-但前提是他们可以尊重您的大声疾呼,而不要打扰或影响您真正要说的话。

It’s also okay to rant in a public space as long as no one is harmed in the process, like on your personal blog. Keep in mind, online anonymity has its merits — for things like job security, maintaining friendships, or building your personal brand. Also keep in mind that people who rant in public usually try to please an audience or entertain instead of really get to the core of their feelings. That’s not ranting in raw form, but domesticated rant. And it falls short because it’s diluted.

只要在此过程中没有人受到伤害(例如在您的个人博客上),也可以在公共场所咆哮。 请记住,在线匿名具有其优点-例如工作安全,保持友谊或建立您的个人品牌。 还请记住,在公开场合咆哮的人通常会试图取悦观众或娱乐自己,而不是真正地去感受自己的情感核心。 那不是原始形式的咆哮,而是驯化的咆哮。 而且它由于稀释而达不到要求。

3.设置一些基本规则 (3. Set Some Ground Rules)

After you’ve figured out when, where, and within whose company you’re going to rant, you need to stick to the plan. It’s important that you are the one steering the rant, and it’s not driving you by the horns. In order to turn a rant into a productivity power tool — you need to use the rant as a springboard to finding constructive responses to clear problems in your life.

在确定了要在何时,何地以及在哪个公司任职的公司之后,您需要遵守计划。 重要的是,您必须控制住蚂蚁,并且不要驱使摆脱困境。 为了将rant变成生产力动力工具,您需要使用rant作为跳板,以找到建设性的对策来解决生活中的问题。

To accomplish this, you have to rant on your terms, and not just spew for the sake of it. Your aim is controlled recklessness, not just recklessness. That requires ground rules.

要做到这一点,您必须保证自己的条件,而不仅仅是为此而吐口水。 您的目标是控制鲁re,而不仅仅是鲁ck。 这需要基本规则。

The first ground rule that you should have for any rant is:


“I agree not to harm anyone (including me) physically, emotionally, or psychologically, in the process of my personal rant.”


This is where having an audience can get tricky, and drawing the lines gets tough. Again, it’s safest to rant in private.

在这里,吸引观众会变得很棘手,而划界也会变得困难。 同样,私下咆哮是最安全的。

A second important ground rule you need to have is:


“The purpose of my rant is to be brutally honest about how I feel in regards to Billy/the weather/Aunt Jane/my car. In order to get clear on how to ultimately improve my relationship with Billy/the weather/Aunt Jane/my car. Or to walk away from the unhealthy relationship.”

“我的咆哮的目的是要对我对Billy /天气/ Jane姨妈/我的车的感觉残酷诚实。 为了弄清楚如何最终改善我与Billy /天气/ Jane姨妈/我的车的关系。 还是要摆脱这种不健康的关系。”

Your short term goal is to rant about Billy/the weather/Aunt Jane/your car. But your long term goal is to figure out how to go about your business with them in the most productive way. When you set this ground rule going into the rant, you have more room to really let loose in the short-term to be as productive as you can in the long-term. The short-term is all about identifying problems. The long-term is all about finding solutions.

您的短期目标是大声疾呼比利/天气/简姨妈/您的车。 但是您的长期目标是弄清楚如何以最有效的方式与他们开展业务。 当您将此基本规则设置为高调时,您就有更大的空间在短期内真正放松自己,从而长期发挥最大的生产力。 短期是关于发现问题的。 长期是寻找解决方案。

A third ground rule you need to have is:


“I won’t act on any rash decisions. Instead, I’ll wait until I’m completely done ranting, have transitioned back to normal-mode, and have ideally waited for at least 24 hours before taking any action.”

“我不会对任何轻率的决定采取行动。 取而代之的是,我要等到我完全完成了调音工作,过渡到正常模式,并理想地等待了至少24小时之后,才能采取任何措施。”

This also gives you freedom say things that you won’t really act on or plan things that you won’t really do. The point is that if you feel like acting on certain things or doing certain things — you need to acknowledge that. Which is a separate issue entirely from actually following through. And this ties into Step 7.

这也使您可以自由表达自己不会真正执行的事情或计划自己不会真正执行的事情。 问题的关键是,如果你觉得作用于某些事情或做某些事-你需要承认。 这是一个完全独立于实际的单独问题。 并将其绑定到步骤7。

Are there any other helpful ground rules you can think of?


4.振作起来 (4. Rant Your Heart Out)

如何将Rant变成生产力电动工具 (https://mushiming.com/)  第2张

Even if you give yourself permission to rant, pick a time and place, and show up — ranting can still be a challenge. First of all, it’s not comfortable losing control or feeling helpless. It’s no fun to admit that you’re upset in the first place. And it’s certainly no party acknowledging how rude your coworker was to you yesterday or how inconsiderate your next door neighbor is of your cat.

即使您允许自己批准rant,选择时间和地点并出现-rant仍然是一个挑战。 首先,失去控制或感到无助会很不舒服。 首先承认你很沮丧是没有意思的。 当然,没有人承认您的同事昨天对您有多么粗鲁,或者隔壁邻居对您的猫有多么不屑一顾。

Here are some tips for ranting your heart out:


Cut to the chase: Don’t worry about explaining yourself, or building up to what you really want to say with a story first. Just say it. Say it loud. Say it clear. Exactly how you want to say it. Is your best friend a big meanie because he ditched you for a girl? Then start there with “Bigger-Than-Big Meanie.”

追赶追赶者:不要担心会解释自己,或者先讲故事就可以真正表达自己的意思。 你说吧大声说出来。 说清楚。 确切地说。 你最好的朋友是因为他抛弃你去找一个女孩而成为一个大骗子吗? 然后从“大于平均数”开始。

Don’t make excuses: So your pal fell head over heels for this girl? And it still hurts? Stay with the hurt, don’t make excuses. Glossing over his actions and looking for excuses won’t do you any good. It will distract you from getting in touch with the problem — that your best friend is not spending time with you anymore. And if you’re distracted from the problem, productivity goes out the window. Because you’ll either hold a grudge and grow resentful over time, resort to passive aggressiveness, overtly seek revenge, have trouble focusing on your work, end the relationship in an abrupt, unfair, and painful way, or slowly let it eat away at your self-confidence.

不要找借口:那么你的朋友为这个女孩摔倒了吗? 而且还疼吗? 忍受伤害,不要找借口。 光顾他的行为并寻找借口不会对您有任何好处。 这将使您无法与问题取得联系-您最好的朋友不再花时间与您在一起。 而且,如果您不专心处理问题,那么生产力就不那么重要了。 因为随着时间的流逝,您要么怀恨在心,要么变得愤愤不平,就诉诸于被动的进取心,公开报仇,难以专注于您的工作,以突然,不公平和痛苦的方式结束恋爱关系,或者慢慢地让它消灭你的自信。

Suspend reason: Reason has no place in a rant. Period. Reason is for speaking calmly over a business meeting, or drafting up a contract with your landlord. Ranting is for getting in touch with how you really feel about something that’s rubbing you the wrong way. Ranting is for focusing entirely on you — so you can get clear on what needs to be done to better focus on your health, productivity and success.

挂起原因:理由无足轻重。 期。 原因是在商务会议上保持冷静,或者与房东起草合同。 乱跑是为了让您了解自己对某事的感觉,而这会以错误的方式给您带来磨擦。 腾腾是为了完全专注于您-因此您可以明确需要做什么以更好地关注自己的健康,生产力和成功。

Jump the gun: Does it feel like your best friend is going to come around anytime soon? Or does it feel like the more he courts his new lady friend, the more he’ll ignore you? Until you’re just a speck of dust on his radar? Well, if it feels that way, voice it. Get it all out of your system. Project the worst possible scenario. It could very well happen. It’s important for you to look at. Because that’s just evolution working for you. Anger was designed to alert you of danger, both present and future. It’s dangerous to your psychological health to associate with a best friend who treats you like a speck of dust. So jump the gun, and listen.

跳枪:感觉您最好的朋友很快就会来吗? 还是他越是向新女友求爱,就越会忽略你? 直到您只是他的雷达上的灰尘斑点? 好吧,如果有这种感觉,请发声。 充分利用您的系统。 预测最坏的情况。 这很可能会发生。 请务必注意。 因为那只是进化为您服务。 愤怒旨在警告您当前和将来的危险。 与最好的朋友相处对您的心理健康很危险,最好的朋友将您当作灰尘。 所以跳枪,听。

Forget your manners: Okay, “Biggest-of-Big Meanies” is a little weak. If it’s too weak for your rant, replace it with a stronger descriptor. That may mean saying goodbye to political correctness or respect or understanding — or whatever else comes with being a best friend. Ranting is not about political correctness or respect or understanding. It’s about zoning into to what’s absolutely bothering you and fleshing that out through the words that voice the raw feelings. That may mean recruiting a whole list of not-nice words.

忘掉你的举止:好的,“最大的手段”有点弱。 如果对于您的咆哮来说太弱了,请用更强的描述符来代替。 这可能意味着告别政治上的正确性,尊重或谅解-或成为最好的朋友会带来什么。 ant亵与政治正确性,尊重或理解无关。 这是关于确定什么完全打扰您,并通过表达原始感觉的单词充实您。 这可能意味着要招募一整套不擅长的单词。

Be uncensored: The best way to kill a rant is to censor it. And then you’re left with unexpressed feelings and a problem that goes unaddressed. So keep it uncensored. And that means saying naughty words if it feels natural. Did you know that swearing can actually be useful to your mental and physical health? A 2009 study showed that people who said their swear word of choice were better able to tolerate pain in a controlled experimental set-up than those who didn’t. Swearing helps you cope with pain (which anger also signals to) because it gives it a voice.

未经审查:杀死蚂蚁的最好方法是对其进行审查。 然后,您会留下无法表达的感觉和无法解决的问题。 因此,请保持未经审查的状态。 如果感觉自然,那就意味着说些顽皮的话。 您知道咒骂实际上对您的身心健康有用吗? 2009年的一项研究表明,在受控的实验设置中,那些说自己选择发誓的人比那些没有选择的人更能忍受疼痛。 宣誓可以帮助您缓解痛苦(愤怒也会发出信号),因为它可以发出声音。

Center on yourself: Ranting is all about you. How you were wronged. How you’ve been slighted. The respect you deserve. Your efforts that go unacknowledged. Keep the rant all about you — you’re the center of attention. Don’t try to psychoanalyze why Billy hates your cat — just stick with how it makes you feel. Or, if psychoanalyzing why Billy hates your cat makes you feel better, go ahead. The point is to only rant about what ultimately makes you feel heard. Even if you’re ranting alone in your room, you’re still being heard. You’re bringing a problem to your conscious awareness so you can then deal with it productively.

以自己中心:乱伦与您息息相关。 你怎么委屈的你如何被轻视。 您应得到的尊重。 您的努力未得到认可。 保留所有关于您的骚动-您是关注的中心。 不要试图进行心理分析,以了解比利讨厌猫的原因-坚持坚持它给人的感觉。 或者,如果要进行心理分析,为什么比利讨厌您的猫让您感觉更好,请继续。 关键是只对最终使您感到被听到的声音大声疾呼。 即使您一个人在房间里咆哮,您仍然会被听到。 您正在将一个问题带给您的意识,这样您就可以高效地进行处理。

6.解码Rant (6. Decode Your Rant)

After you’ve finished ranting, take as much time as you need to transition back to normal life. Get a drink of water. Take a cold shower. Go for a walk. Fix some dinner for you and your cat.

完成充实后,请花尽可能多的时间恢复正常生活。 喝一杯水。 洗个冷水澡。 出去走走。 为你和你的猫准备一些晚餐。

But after you’ve had a nice break, you need to recall that second ground rule:


“The purpose of my rant is to be brutally honest about how I feel in regards to Billy/the weather/Aunt Jane/my car. In order to get clear on how to ultimately improve my relationship with Billy/the weather/Aunt Jane/my car. Or to walk away from the unhealthy relationship.”

“我的咆哮的目的是要对我对Billy /天气/ Jane姨妈/我的车的感觉坦诚相待。 为了弄清楚如何最终改善我与Billy /天气/ Jane姨妈/我的车的关系。 还是摆脱不健康的关系。”

That ground rule keeps you accountable — responsible — for turning your rant into something productive.


In order to make your rant useful, you need to decode it. Figure out how you can translate raw feelings into actionable steps — that save you heartache and time, as well as other personal resources.

为了使您的咆哮有用,您需要对其进行解码。 弄清楚如何将原始的情感转化为可行的步骤-节省您的心痛和时间,以及其他个人资源。

Here are some suggestions for decoding your rant:


Look for the boundary violation:


Things don’t tick you off for no reason. You usually get ticked off when someone or something violated your personal boundaries. Personal boundaries are imaginary limits that you make up in order to protect your health and sanity. These limits prevent you from expending your time or other personal resources beyond the critical point. Because when you do expend your time or other resources beyond the critical point — you end up being stressed out, unproductive, and eventually in poor health.

事情不会无缘无故地打败你。 当某人或某物违反您的个人界限时,您通常会被打勾。 为了保护您的健康和理智,个人界限是您设定的虚构限制。 这些限制使您无法花费时间或其他个人资源超过临界点。 因为当您花费时间或其他资源超过临界点时,您最终会感到压力重担,无能为力,最终身体状况不佳。

You might have a boundary for the latest time during the day that you’ll answer a text. Let’s say you go to bed at 10pm each night, and need at least one hour to unwind before bed. On a normal night, you stop all email, chatting, and texting at 9pm. You go to bed an hour later and wake up the next morning feeling recharged and refreshed.

您回答文字的那一天的最后时间可能会有界限。 假设您每晚晚上10点上床睡觉,并且至少需要一个小时才能放松身心。 在正常的夜晚,您会在晚上9点停止所有电子邮件,聊天和发短信。 一个小时后,您上床睡觉,第二天早晨醒来,感觉神清气爽。

Now let’s say that one night you forget to turn off your iPhone. You get a text from your friend at 9:15pm. You go ahead and text back, thinking it will be quick. But he texts you again and twenty messages later, you see that instead of asking you a harmless question (which he did with that first innocent text), your friend really wanted to talk about his messy breakup with the once girl of his dreams.

现在,假设有一天晚上您忘记关闭iPhone。 您在晚上9:15从您的朋友那里收到一条短信。 您继续前进并发回短信,认为这样会很快。 但是他再次发短信给您,然后又发了二十封邮件,您看到您的朋友不是想问您一个无害的问题(他对第一个无辜的文本所做的),而是让您的朋友真正想与梦the以求的女孩谈谈他的混乱分手。

At this point, it’s 9:45, and you’re getting really antsy. Instead of being all ready for bed, you’re remembering that your friend did, after all, dump you for this girl. And now that she’s gone, he’s crawling back to you?

现在是9:45,您真的很烦。 您要记住,您的朋友没有为您准备好上床睡觉,毕竟,确实把您丢给了这个女孩。 现在她走了,他正在爬回你身边?

The point is, you’re likely upset for a lot of different reasons. One of them being that you’re not going to get to bed at your usual time. And you’re not going to wake up in the morning feeling recharged and refreshed. Because ultimately, you violated your own boundary (of not texting after 9m).

关键是,您可能由于许多不同的原因而感到沮丧。 其中之一就是您不会在平时的时间上床睡觉。 而且您不会在早晨醒来,感到精神焕发和精神焕发。 因为最终,您违反了自己的界限(9m后不发短信)。

Be honest about whether you allowed that violation:


In the example above, you’re the one responsible for the boundary violation. Much of the time, boundary violations do involve your action, or at least your consent. So it’s good practice to note whether you have a role in the ordeal.

在上面的示例中,您是负责违反边界的人。 很多时候,违反边界的行为确实涉及您的行动,或者至少涉及您的同意。 因此,最好注意一下您是否在磨难中起作用。

Locate the personal resource that you need to protect:


Boundaries are put in place to ultimately guard your personal resources. When you effectively manage your personal resources, productivity is the natural by-product.

设置了边界以最终保护您的个人资源。 当您有效地管理个人资源时,生产力是自然的副产品。

The three most popular topics to rant about are lost money, wasted time, and wrecked relationships. Each of these is a vital personal resource in your life. Money and time are important for obvious reasons having to do with your survival and mental health. Relationships are important because it’s through them that you get many of your needs met, such as moral support, good company, affection, and having someone to turn to when things get rough. Other resources include energy, attention, empathy, and creativity.

值得一提的三个最受欢迎的话题是金钱浪费,时间浪费和关系破裂。 这些都是生活中至关重要的个人资源。 金钱和时间很重要,因为显而易见的原因与您的生存和心理健康有关。 人际关系很重要,因为通过它们,您可以满足许多需求,例如道德支持,良好的陪伴,感情以及当事情变得艰难时可以求助于他人。 其他资源包括精力,注意力,同情心和创造力。

Any time you rant, it’s about some personal resource that you’ve lost or are in danger of losing — or some personal resource that you’re in danger of losing. And if it’s not directly a personal resource, it can be viewed as one or it gives you access to another personal resource. Figure out what that resource is, and then follow the next suggestion.

任何时候,您失去或有可能失去某些个人资源,或者有可能失去的某些个人资源。 并且,如果它不是直接的个人资源,则可以将其视为一种,也可以让您访问另一种个人资源。 弄清楚该资源是什么,然后按照下一个建议进行操作。

Recover and/or protect your personal resources when possible:


After you know what resources are in jeopardy, it’s time to take action. Confront the sleazy online business to get your guaranteed refund. Carve out some vacation time to make up for all the overtime. Call up your friend since second grade, and see if you can work things out.

在知道哪些资源处于危险之中之后,就该采取行动了。 面对肮脏的在线业务,以确保获得退款。 安排一些假期来弥补所有的加班时间。 自二年级起打电话给您的朋友,看看您是否可以解决问题。

Doing so means managing your resources more effectively. This is the core of productivity.

这样做意味着更有效地管理资源。 这是生产力的核心。

Clue in on shady characters:


And then there are times when you can’t recover lost or damaged resources. And you have to cut your losses and move one. While you do, make sure to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

有时您无法恢复丢失或损坏的资源。 而且,您必须减少损失并转移损失。 在执行此操作时,请确保避免重复相同的错误。

Avoid shady characters, or shady situations, that will likely only drain more of your valuable resources. Whoever you cussed out in your rant is a good candidate for a shady character. Again, your rant will give you clues about who to look out for, and who you can’t trust.

避免使用阴暗的角色或阴暗的情况,这只会浪费您更多的宝贵资源。 无论您挑衅谁,都是黑幕人物的好人选。 再次,您的咆哮将为您提供线索,告诉您寻找谁以及您不信任谁。

Set a contingency plan that protects your boundaries and your personal resources:


This is where everything comes together. Get it down on paper what you’ve learned from your rant.

这是所有事物融合在一起的地方。 把从学到的东西记在纸上。

Write down how you’ll modify your behavior — in order to cut your losses and minimize more losses in the future. Doing so not only saves you time and other valuable personal resources. It also saves you heartbreak because you’re no longer the victim. Instead, you’re taking control of your life and you’re much more aware of what’s going on.

写下您将如何修改行为的方式-为了减少损失并在将来将更多损失减到最少。 这样做不仅可以节省您的时间和其他宝贵的个人资源。 由于您不再是受害者,这也可以节省您的心碎。 相反,您可以控制自己的生活,并且可以更清楚地了解发生了什么。

7.规划有效的行动方案 (7. Plan a Productive Course of Action)

如何将Rant变成生产力电动工具 (https://mushiming.com/)  第3张

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The whole point of ranting your heart out is to help you move forward. And help you figure out what you can afford to leave behind.

振奋精神的全部目的是帮助您前进。 并帮助您找出可以承受的费用。

You can turn a rant into a productivity power tool when you pay attention to your personal boundaries that are put in place to protect your personal resources. Such as time, money, energy, and attention.

当您注意为保护您的个人资源而设置的个人界限时,您可以将怒变成生产力的动力工具。 例如时间,金钱,精力和注意力。

Ranting is just anger bubbling to the surface. Anger is just a signal of some past violation or future threat (real or perceived) to your personal resources. When you rant full force and listen to the signals, you keep your personal resources well-guarded, save yourself a lot of trouble, and can figure out the best way to move forward as productively as you can.

狂奔只是愤怒浮出水面。 愤怒只是过去对您的个人资源的违反或未来威胁(真实或可感知)的信号。 当您全力以赴并倾听信号时,您可以保护自己的个人资源,避免许多麻烦,并且可以找出最好的方式来尽可能地富有成效地前进。

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