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用作形容词 (adj.)~+名词equal ability同等的能力

equal amount相同的数目

equal attention同样重视

equal chance平等的机会

equal difficulty相同的难度

equal distribution等量分配

equal footing处于平等的地位

equal laws一视同仁的法律

equal level相同的水平

equal mind同样的心情

equal mixture均匀的混合物

equal number相同的数目

equal opportunity平等的机会

equal parts相同部分

pay for equal work同工同酬

equal quality相同的质量

equal root等根

equal shares相同的份额

equal sides等边

equal strength力量相等

equal terms平等的条件

equal tone平衡的音调副词+~approximately equal大致相等

identically equal完全相等

legitimately equal同等合法性~+介词equal in在…方面相等的

equal in price价格相等

equal to等于…的,经得起…的

equal under在…面前相等

equal with与…平等

用作动词 (v.)~+副词equal admittedly公认比得上

equal agreeably一致地等于

equal broadly大概等于

equal evidently明显比得上

equal fairly公正地等于

equal lawfully非法地等于

equal manifestly明显比得上

equal monotonously无变化地等于

equal obviously明显比得上

equal practically实际等于

equal reasonably合理地等于

equal satisfactorily满意地等于

equal sufficiently充分地等于

equal symmetrically对等~+介词equal as作为…平等

equal in比得上,等于

equal in ability在能力上一样

equal in beauty在容貌上一样

equal in brains在智力上一样

equal in contractibility收缩性与…一样

equal in courage在勇气上一样

equal in disease resistance抗病性与…一样

equal in drought抗旱性与…一样

equal in expansibility扩展性与…一样

equal in hardness硬度与…一样

equal in health在健康上一样

equal in height在高度上一样

equal in intelligence在智力上一样

equal in judgement在判断上一样

equal in size大小与…一样

equal in speed速度与…一样

equal in strength在力量上一样

equal in tenacity弹性与…一样

equal in tension张力与…一样

equal in transparency透明度与…一样

equal in water resistance抗水性与…一样

equal in weight在体重上一样

equal in wisdom在智慧上一样

用作名词 (n.)动词+~have equal用相同的人〔物〕

see equal看同等人〔东西〕形容词+~economic equal经济平等

intellectual equal智力相同

political equal政治平等

social equal社会地位相等介词+~with equal与…相等

without equal独一无二~+介词equal among在…中相等

equal for在…方面平等

equal in在…方面等同

equal of相等


equals sign等号


用作形容词(adj.)Women demand equal pay for equal work.


All countries, big and small, should be equal.

国家不论大小, 一律平等。

用作及物动词(vt.)Nobody can equal him in intelligence.


Three and five equals eight.


用作名词(n.)They are my equals in age.


They refused to treat with us on equal terms.


We are campaigning for equal rights for women.


I am not your equal in strength.



A dense non-crystallographic packing of equals. Acta CrystallogrThe t equals 4 envelope of sindbis virus is organized by interactions with a complementary t equals 3 capsidReinterpreting the empathy-altruism relationship: when one into one equals oneness.Genetic heterogeneity of porphyromonas gingivalis equals bacteroides gingivalis by genomic dna fingerprintingSynthesis of racemic nor delta 9 cis 6a 10a thc 9 carboxylic acid thc equals tetrahydrocannabinolThe rate of actin-based motility of intracellular Listeria monocytogenes equals the rate of actin polymerization.Comparative studies in morphological characters of mono ploid 2n equals x equals 13 and di ploid 2n equals 2 x equals 26 asiatic gos...Morphological characters fertility and meiosis course in the intergeneric hybrid of 2n equals 14 lolium multiflorum x festuca praten...The identity and distribution of Ceramius auctus (Fabricius, 1804) Vecht, 1970 (equals Ceramius spiricornis Saussure, 1854, syn. nov...Revision und Kritische Anmerkungen zum Vorkommen der Zwillingsarten Zygaena minos (Den. & Schiff.) (&eq...